The Petronas Towers: Kuala Lumpur’s Iconic Destination

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When you arrive in Kuala Lumpur, it is nearly impossible to miss the Petronas Towers. Rising 451 meters above the city streets below, the buildings are the tallest twin towers ever constructed, and are the iconic focal point of the Malaysian capital. No visit to the city would be complete without a trip to see them up close.

Many people start their trip to the Petronas Towers by ascending to the Skybridge that connects the two buildings, 170 meters above the ground. For those wanting to go even higher, it’s possible to take the elevators to the 86th floor for a panoramic view of downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Once you’ve returned to ground level, it doesn’t mean that the excitement is over. Similar to N Seoul Tower or the 63 Building in Seoul, the Petronas Towers have a full range of other activities to keep you occupied.

Occupying the lowest floors of the Towers, the shopping mall has a variety of shops and eateries to suit anyone's taste.
Occupying the lowest floors of the Towers, the shopping mall has a variety of shops and eateries to suit anyone’s taste.

Continuing your visit outside, there is a fantastic park surrounding the buildings, great for admiring the beauty of the Towers.

Constructed in part by Samsung Construction Company, the Petronas Towers have a unique design that makes many visitors stare in wonder. The park is also a great place to get a memorable photo of the Towers by day or by night.

Once you’ve sufficiently gawked at their grander, make your way back inside he building. Occupying the lower levels of the Petronas Towers, there is a large shopping mall that features countless shops, restaurants, and cafes. There is even a movie theater, art gallery, and underwater aquarium, ensuring an exciting and memorable experience for everyone.

Without a doubt, visiting the Petronas Towers is a highlight of any visit to Kuala Lumpur. Make sure you don’t miss the city’s star attraction during your next vacation.

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