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Exploring America - Things I like about living in the United States.
North America

5 Things I Actually Like About Living in America

Posted  December 19, 2014  by  Jim Cheney

It’s been a little over two years since I returned to America after 2.5 years in Asia. I’m not going to lie: the transition has been tough. After doing super awesome and exciting things nearly everyday and become more aware of other cultures, settling back into “home” can be quite¬†difficult at times. In fact, I […]

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English Fails

7 Hilarious English Translation Fails from Public Signs in Asia

Posted  November 20, 2014  by  Jim Cheney

Anyone who has ever traveled through Asia has undoubtably seen a handful of signs that made them chuckle. Whether they are poorly translated, completely unintelligible, or lost on me because of culture issues, I would frequently come across writing in Asia that made me chuckle. Believe me, during my two and a half years traveling […]

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A lantern depicting a Joseon dynasty drummer on display at the 2011 Seoul Lantern Festival. The 2012 Seoul Lantern Festival is being help from November 2-18.

The 2014 Seoul Lantern Festival: Cold, but Awesome

Posted  November 4, 2014  by  Jim Cheney

During my two years living in South Korea, I went to many different kinds of festivals. Some of my favorite, though, featured Korean traditional lanterns. In November of each year, the Cheonggyecheon Stream in the heart of Seoul gets lit up with over 30,000 different lanterns, spanning everything from corporate characters to images of traditional […]

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Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada.

Exploring History and Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum

Posted  September 30, 2014  by  Jim Cheney

Of all the museums I’ve visited around the world, the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada is without a doubt one of the best. comparable to world-renowned museums like the British Museum or the Smithsonian, the Royal Ontario Museum features millions of items on display ranging from dinosaur fossils to fine works of art. When […]

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The Pros and Cons of Taking a Group Tour - The Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

Travel Quiz of the Month: China

Posted  September 9, 2014  by  Jim Cheney

China is near the top of many travelers’ bucket lists, and millions and millions of people are discovering this amazing country each year. During my travels, I found China to be one of the most frustrating and amazing places I’ve ever been. Even better, as one of the world’s largest countries, China really does have […]

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