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Things to do in Busan, South Korea.

5 Great Things to do in Busan, South Korea

Posted  April 16, 2014  by  Jim Cheney

Busan, South Korea, is one of Asia’s most underrated cities. The second largest city in South Korea, Busan is more known for its large port than its attractions. However, if you visit the city, you’ll uncover a laid back destination that has lots to offer visitors. From beaches to beautiful temples, Busan is a fantastic […]

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What is the biggest lesson you learned from traveling?

Discuss: What is the Most Important Lesson Travel has Taught You?

Posted  April 9, 2014  by  Jim Cheney

It is often said that travel can be a transformative experience. That the things you learn while traveling will change you. However, we often talk about it in general terms without giving much thought to how it actually has changed us. So, I want to know, what is the most important lesson that travel has taught […]

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Daibutsu, the giant Amida Buddha statue of Kamakura Japan, located inside Kotoku-in Temple.

Travel Quiz of the Month: Japan

Posted  April 2, 2014  by  Jim Cheney

Of all the countries I’ve visited, Japan is definitely one of my favorites. Having spent time in Tokyo, as well as the southern half of the country in Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Fukuoka, I had a great overview of what the country has to offer. What I loved about Japan is how modern things were, but […]

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Travel Quiz of the Week - Creative Commons - User: Vox Efx

What is the Cheapest Airfare Search Engine? The Data Doesn’t Lie

Posted  March 26, 2014  by  Jim Cheney

Recently, I set out to discover which flight search engine offers the cheapest fares on average. When I started, I didn’t think that there would be much difference from one site to the next, but boy, was I wrong. In fact, did you know that the site you use to book your flight could potentially […]

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Chiang Mai, Thailand
Southeast Asia

Get Off the Beaten Path in Chiang Mai, Thailand with this Great Itinerary

Posted  March 20, 2014  by  Jim Cheney

Chiang Mai, Thailand, is one of my favorite cities in all of Asia. Sure, it’s a bit overrun with tourists, but there is just so much awesome stuff to do, it’s dirt cheap, and the food is amazing! If you only have time for one destination in Thailand, skip Bangkok and head straight for this […]

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