Photo of the Week: Traditional Fisherman at the 2011 Daegaya Experience Festival

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Last April, I had the chance to attend the 2011 Daegaya Experience Festival in Goryeong, South Korea. The festival was held in a beautiful park, surrounded by mountains, and was a great way to learn about the ancient culture of Daegaya.

Daegaya was a city-state that existed for around 500 years until they were defeated by the Shilla dynasty in the mid-6th century. At the festival, you can learn about this ancient culture. The festival features exhibits on Daegaya weaponry, which was quite advanced for its time, fishing techniques, artwork, and even funeral ceremonies. There are also a full range of cultural performances during the day, and the festival is also a great place to buy some fantastic strawberries. There is even a museum on the festival grounds for history buffs.

The above photo was taken during the traditional fishing demonstration at the 2011 Daegaya Experience Festival. The two men were showing how to capture fish with a net and then allowing festival goers to try their hand at catching a fish.

The festival was a great experience and isn’t visited by many non-Koreans. The 2012 Daegaya Cultural Festival is being held near the Daegaya Museum in Goryeong, South Korea from April 19-22. You can get to Goryeong from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal in Seoul.

I know that this is the second Korean festival that I’ve mentioned this week, but this festival was a fantastic one to attend last year. There are a lot of hands on things to experience, you can buy excellent strawberries, and you can learn about an overlooked part of Korean history.

For more information, check out the Korean Tourism website. There is an official website for the festival, but, as of the time of writing, the English page for the festival isn’t working. However, if you do go to the official page, check out my wife; she’s the blonde girl holding strawberries featured in the scrolling pictures.

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