Travel Quiz of the Month: Christmas Around the World

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Without a doubt, Christmas is my favorite season on the year. And, while I may hate the cold weather, I absolutely love everything else about the holiday season.

From a travel perspective, I find the different Christmas traditions around the world to be fascinating. After all, no two countries celebrate Christmas exactly the same. It seems that nearly every country has some quirky tradition that makes everyone else scratch their heads.

So, for this month’s travel quiz, I thought it would be fun to see how much you know about how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

For example, do you know which country has the recent tradition of eating KFC fried chicken on December 25? What about which country hides their broomsticks on Christmas Eve so they aren’t stolen by witches?

Take the travel quiz below and find out the answers to those questions and many more!

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6 thoughts on “Travel Quiz of the Month: Christmas Around the World”

  1. Six out of ten, not bad! Although remind me not to visit Greenland at Christmas. I read a post the other day that talked about a terrifying Hungarian demon popping up every Christmas…eek.


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