The Fantastic Troegs Brewery Tour in Hershey, Pennsylvania [Video]

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I’m a big fan of good quality beers; so, when I heard about Troegs Brewery, I knew I had to visit.

Located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, birthplace of Hershey’s Chocolate and close to my home in Harrisburg, Troegs Brewery is one of the top microbreweries in Pennsylvania.

While they offer self-guided tours, my wife and I opted to pay the $5 to take the guided tour because, not only do you get a better tour, but you also get free beer at the end.

The Troegs Brewery Tour starts where the beer starts: in a room filled with hops. The tour then follows the entire production line of the beer, all the way to the bottling. Having taken brewery tours in the past, I didn’t find anything amazingly unique about the process at Troegs, but the tour was fun and informative.

The best part though, and the reason most people take brewery tours, is the free beer at the end.

Our tour guide started by grabbing a few beers right off the production line, and then selecting a few others for sampling. In their small tasting room, we were each given several small glasses with different brews to try, each somehow better than the last.

Once the Troegs Brewery tour was over, my wife and I decided to head into their large tasting room, which consisted of a large bar and a food counter for lunch and more beer (Yes, we did our tour in the morning!).

We opted to get a beer sampler so that we could try each of Troegs regular beers as well as getting some delicious food from the snack bar.

The bar at Troegs Brewery offers not just samplers, but full glasses of each of their beers. They also feature seasonal beers and scratch beers (small production test brews).

If you’re ever in the Harrisburg/Hershey area of Pennsylvania, I would highly recommend taking the Troegs Brewery tour in Hershey.

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  1. I am typing this comment for only one reason. To say that I am full of hate at the moment. Troegs was our favorite craft beer in PA and they don’t distribute in Florida so I can’t get any now. hate hate hate hate hate!! 🙂


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