7 Free Things to Do in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Independence Hall in Philadelphia is the birthplace of America and free to visit.

When you think of great American cities, what comes to mind? New York. Los Angeles. Chicago. Washington, DC. While it may not be the first city you think of, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is one of America’s most historically important cities. The first capital of America, Philadelphia was where America declared independence from Britain. Not only that, … Read more

The Worst Dinosaur Museum in the World: Savannakhet, Laos

The interior of the Savannakhet Dinosaur Museum with a collection of replica fossils.

Have you ever gone somewhere and instantly wondered what you were doing there? That’s how I felt at the dinosaur museum in the provincial town of Savannakhet, Laos. Sitting just across the Mekong from Thailand, Savannakhet seems like an odd location for a dinosaur museum. After all, despite being the second largest city in Laos, … Read more