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Wonderland Amusement Park's unfinished castle lies amid cornfields and in front of towering mountains outside of Beijing, China.

My Favorite Posts of the Week: March 27, 2013

Every week on Tripologist, I like to share some of my favorite travel-related posts from around the web. This week, I’ve got five great posts that I really like. From Africa to Europe, from Asia to South America, find out...
by Jim Cheney

Hugo Chavez now has something in common with Mao, Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, and Kim Il-Sung.

Macabre Tourism: How to Visit a Dead Dictator

On March 5, 2013, Hugo Chavez, the leader of Venezuela, died after a battle with cancer. After his death, it was quickly announced that his body would be embalmed and put on permanent display in the Venezuelan capital of Caraca...
by Jim Cheney


The beautiful and imposing Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

My Favorite Travel Posts of the Week: March 20, 2013

I’ve decided to start a new weekly section on Aside from a few guest posts scattered here and there, I’ve never really showcased some of my favorite posts from other sites on Tripologist. ¬†However,...
by Jim Cheney

A fishing boat waits for high tide on Seonudo Island in South Korea.

5 Must-See Korean Destinations Outside of Seoul

Seoul, South Korea is one of my favorite cities in the world. With ultra-modern architecture, historic homes and fortresses, trendy night clubs, and spacious parks, the city has something for everyone. However, if you only visi...
by Jim Cheney


The view of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon from the top of Victoria Peak.

9 Great Things to Do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is near the top of many traveler’s must-see lists and with good reason. From colonial architecture to towering skyscrapers and fantastic food, Hong Kong is where the east truly meets the west. In 2011, there wer...
by Jim Cheney


Music, Nature and History: The Appeal of Glasntonbury

This post is brought to you by a valued sponsor. Many of us want to go to at least one festival in our lifetimes and the name that crops up most often when discussing this is Glastonbury. An extremely famous venue for its annua...
by a Guest Contributor