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March 27, 2013

My Favorite Posts of the Week: March 27, 2013

Wonderland Amusement Park's unfinished castle lies amid cornfields and in front of towering mountains outside of Beijing, China.

Every week on Tripologist, I like to share some of my favorite travel-related posts from around the web.

This week, I’ve got five great posts that I really like. From Africa to Europe, from Asia to South America, find out about some of the most interesting destinations in the world. Then, find out how to save money so you can afford to get to them all.

Here are this week’s posts:

10 Top Towns in Europe You’ve Probably Never Heard Of –

I consider myself well-traveled and pretty knowledgable about geography. However, I’ve never heard of my of the towns that the Grumpy Traveler has included in this post. If you’re tired of the big cities and touristy towns, take a peek at some great alternate destinations in Europe.

How to Save Money on Travel –

YTravelBlog has a lot of great content and is a fantastic resource of travelers. They’ve really outdone themselves with this post though. No matter how much traveling you’ve done, you’ll definitely find some great suggestions to help you save money on your next trip.

Anne Murray’s Big Crash –

Brendan is currently doing a most excellent adventure: traveling across Africa on a scooter. Dubbed Anne Murray, his scooter has so far taken him 6,700 kilometers. Unfortunately, it’s not all rosy, and Brendan recently had a pretty nasty accident. Fortunately for us though, he wrote a great piece about it.

5 Things to Know Before You Trek to Machu Picchu –

Machu Picchu is near the top of my bucket list. And, in my opinion, there is only one way to get there: The Inca Trail. Here is some great advice from Travel Culture Magazine  to help you plan your epic journey to the ancient Incan city.

And…From the Tripologist Archives: Wonderland: Beijing’s Abandoned Amusement Park

Sitting in the middle of a cornfield near the Great Wall in Badaling, Wonderland is the ruins of an abandoned amusement park that was never finished. Today, you can visit this unfinished park and walk around Wonderland’s replica of Cinderella’s Castle.

 Do you have a favorite travel post you’ve read recently, or have something that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments section below, and your favorite post might be featured in next week’s edition.


  1. Just stumbled on your site via Twitter – looks very nice! Impressed you do a round-up every week. The YTravelBlog post was especially useful this week for me!

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