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April 5, 2013

Let’s Get Social: Big Changes Coming to Tripologist

Standing on a cliff overlooking the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. was started in October 2011 as a way to share my joy of travel and help others explore the world. And overall, I feel that this site has been pretty successful.

We now have over 500 followers on Facebook and nearly 1,500 on Twitter (plus a few on Pinterest), which is really exciting. And, with an average of over 12,000 pages views a month for the last three months, Tripologist is starting to grow in ways that I really didn’t imagine would happen when I started the site.

However, I feel like there’s something missing from this site: Community.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing about travel and would do it even if no one was reading. But what I really want to do is help make your travel dreams a reality, and to do that, this site needs to be more about conversations and community.

It’s been mostly my fault since I’ve neglected this blog at times, even going several weeks between posts on one or two occasions. However, I would love to become more of a travel community where you can share your feelings and experiences to help others.

To do this, I’m going to make a shift from 2-3 posts a week to five! Here’s the site’s tentative schedule going forward:

Mondays: Post about a destination or travel tips

Tuesdays: Tuesday Travel Quiz – 10 fun questions about a random topic related to travel

Wednesdays: Photo of the Week

Thursdays: Day off to rest my weary typing fingers or Guest Posts!

Fridays: Discussion Topic where we can talk about some of our greatest travel experiences or issues affecting travel in the 21st century

Saturdays:  My Favorite Travel Posts of the Week from around the web

If you would like to write a guest post, have any ideas for discussion or quiz topics, a favorite photo you’d like to have featured as the ‘Photo of the Week’, need help with your travel plans, or just want to say hi, let me know.

I look forward to getting to know all of you better.


  1. Awesome, looking forward to the increased post flow…you’ve always been one of my favorites Jim!

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