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May 4, 2013

My Favorite Travel Posts of the Week: May 4, 2013

Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany is one of the most recognizable castles in Europe.

Every week on Tripologist, I like to share some of my favorite travel related posts from around the web. If you have a post that you think is especially great and would like to be included in a future edition, put a comment below, send me a link through the Contact page, or message @TheTripologist on Twitter.

Here are my favorite travel posts from this past week:

Three Days of Hell, Confusion, and Devilish Twists –

Have you ever done an adventure so grand that it almost killed you twice? Brendan from has. In this, the first part of a two post story, Brendan continues his quest to travel through Africa on a scooter. However, the story quickly takes a scary turn as Brendan starts to get sicker and sicker. This is an amazingly well-written story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Make sure to click over to the second part of the story when you finish the first.

3 Affordable Countries in Europe You Probably Haven’t Considered –

While many of Europe’s most popular destinations (London, Paris, Rome, etc) can be rather pricey, there are still some countries where you money goes really far. In this great post from, Amanda breaks down a couple of the less-known, but cheaper destinations in Europe. While far from an exhaustive list, this is a great starting point for anyone looking to stretch their dollar further in Europe.

13 Tips for Exploring Komodo National Park –

Komodo National Park is always somewhere that I’ve wanted to visit, and while I don’t have any plans to visit soon, I found this list of 13 tips for exploring the park to be fascinating. For example, did you know that women on their period have to extra careful because Komodo dragons can small blood from up to 12 miles away? Crazy stuff.

Hanging with Dinosaurs in the Gambia –

Iain Mallory recently had the chance to visit the Gambia on the country’s first bloggers trip. While he did many cool things, I think his visit to the Katchikally Crocodile Pool is one of the most interesting. Not only did his visit give him the chance to closely observe the crocodiles, but he even got a chance to touch one. This post is definitely worth checking out for the great pictures as well.

From the Tripologist Archives: 5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Eurail Pass

With summer quickly approaching, more and more of you will be heading to Europe, Eurail Passes in hand. Here are 5 great tips to help you get the most out of your pass.

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  1. What a great round up! I particularly like Iain’s piece on the crocs. We saw some in Australia’s Northern territory and although it was a little terrifying – we were in a boat right next to them – I was fascinated at the same time!

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