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March 1, 2012

Copy Cat: 5 Copies of Famous Monuments

Nashville's full-size replica of the Parthenon is one of the oddest attractions in all of the USA.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, than many of the world’s most iconic man-made structures must be blushing. After all, whether it be an effort to attract tourists or a desire to show admiration for the original, many cities have copied some of the most well-known structures on earth.

Here’s five copies of iconic structures

The Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Trying to distringuish itself as the “Athens of the South”, Nashville constructed a full-size replica of the famous Athen’s temple in 1897 for the Tennessee Centenial Exposition. Originally constructed of wood, it was slated to be torn down after the expo finished; however, demolishion costs and the buildings popularity with citizens spared it the wrecking ball.

The current concrete structure was completed in 1931 after the original started to detriorate. The Parthenon of Nashville is now the site of an art museum and sits in one of Nashville’s biggest parks.

The Trevi Fountain in Seoul, South Korea

Image via Flickr

The Trevi Fountain in Seoul (Creative Commons)

Coming out of Jamsil Subway Station in the heart of downtown Seoul, you’ll find one of the most odd sights in the city: A replica of Rome’s Trevi Fountain.

Built inside of Lotte Department Store, this replica actually sits underground, beneath a department store, hotel, and theme park (which incidentally features a rather convincing copy of Disney’s Cinderella Castle).

The Seoul version of the Trevi Fountain sits just outside the subway entrance into the shopping center and right across from the food court. Unlike the original, it features multi-colored lighting and plays music if you toss a coin into the angel’s bucket.

The Statue of Libety in Paris, France

The Statue of Liberty in Paris, France (Creative Commons:

The Statue of Liberty in Paris, France (Creative Commons:

The Statue of Liberty in New York City is one of the world’s most famous monuments to freedom. Originally built by a French artist, it was donated the United States and dedicated in 1886. However, there actually exists a replica of the statue in its hometown of Paris, France.

Sitting on a man-made island in the River Siene, the replica Statue of Liberty was dedicated three years after the original, and stands at a much more modest size, only 37 feet.

If you are visiting Paris, getting a picture, like the one to your left, of the Statue of Liberty with the Eiffel Tower in the background is a must.

The Many Replicas of Huaxi, China

Photo via

It is likely that no country has constructed more replicas of famous buildings that China, and even more likely that no where in China has more replicas than Huaxi, a district of Guiyang  in the southern part of the country.

Huaxi is generally considered to be one of the richest areas of China and has used its wealth to create a myriad of full-size replicas from both China and abroad. The city features copies of the US Capitol Building, the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and Sydney’s Opera House among others.

It seems they built them as a tourist draw, but most people seem to think the reproductions are tacky and unnecessary.

The Arc de Triomphe in Bucharest, Romania

Photo Via Flickr

Photo Via Flickr

Originally built in 1922, the Arc de Triomphe in Bucharest is patterned after its more famous cousin in Paris, France but is slightly smaller. It was built to celebrate Romania’s victory in the First World War.

Unlike the one in Paris, however, Bucharest’s Arc de Triomphe is only open to visitors a few days a year, usually coinciding with major Romanian holidays.

What do you think of these replicas? Are they tacky tourist draws or are they respectful representations for those who can’t see the real thing? 

Also, feel free to let us know of any other replica monuments that you know of around the world by commenting below.


  1. They’re pretty cool in a way. Sometimes copies actually give other people the chance to see cool designs that otherwise they may not.

    I’m a fan of the arc de triomphe type structure in Vientiane in Laos made of concrete from the USA army that was meant for an airfield runway!


      I’ve seen a few other arches in that style as well, including one in Seoul. Thanks for the comment.

  2. guest

    The original statue of liberty is in the Jardin du Luxembourg. just sayin’. So the one in NY is a replica already….

  3. Don

    There’s a Stonehenge replica near Goldendale, Washington overlooking the Columbia River. It was built as a memorial to soldiers of Klickitat county who died in WWI. Always a fun place to stop when driving along the Columbia River.


      Thanks for sharing. I wasn’t aware of the Stonehenge in Washington State. It was interesting to read about it.

  4. Wally

    I’ve seen two of these, Nashville and Bucharest , but missed the one in Seoul because my guide, the Tripologist, didn’t point it out. What happened?

  5. I have seen the Parthenon replica in Nashville. It was impressive, and a lot cheaper than a trip to Greece.


      I’ve seen both the replica and the real thing. The replica is neat, but doesn’t compare to the real, although less complete, one in Athens.

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