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A Whirlpool Jet Boat splashes through class-5 rapids on the Niagara River.

How I Stopped Being a Wuss: Surviving the Whirlpool Jet Boat at Niagara Falls

Hurtling towards the rapids ahead of us, their peaks and valleys rising and falling like a majestic mountain range, my heart started to beat faster. Suddenly, our boat started to climb, and then just as quickly dippedĀ into the...
by Jim Cheney

The view of Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls from the platform of "Behind the Falls".

Photo of the Week: The Majesty of Niagara Falls

This past week I was able to visit Niagara Falls for the first time in my life. While there are many impressive ways to see the falls, the viewing platform for Journey Behind the Falls on the Canadian side is definitely the mos...
by Jim Cheney