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January 9, 2014

Travel Quiz of the Month: Odd Delicacies Around the World

An assortment of street food in Shenzhen, China.

If you travel long enough, you’re likely to encounter at least one local delicacy that makes your stomach turn. Sometimes it’s an animal that isn’t normally eaten or how to food is prepared, but some foods just do not sound at all appetizing.

While Asian countries are notorious for having foods that many westerners find rather odd, there are foods from all corners of the world that are disgusting even to many locals.

But how well do you know these disgusting foods from around the world?

Take this month’s travel quiz and find out.

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  1. Fun quiz, although I did embarrassingly poor on it, getting only 3 correct.

  2. Fun quiz! I only knew a few, and I guess pretty poorly on the others, so I didn’t do too well, lol!

  3. 7/10 no cheating. Just shows how much i know about crap ๐Ÿ™‚ great quiz

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