If you travel long enough, you’ll eventually have something stolen. For me, it’s happened twice: once on a beach in Barcelona and once on a bus in Georgetown, Malaysia. Fortunately, both times I lost replaceable things and didn’t lose my passport, camera, credit cards, etc. However, getting something stolen from you can feel very frustrating and violating, no matter how insignificant it is.

Another inevitability if you travel long enough is that you’ll eventually give up on money belts. They are just way too uncomfortable and annoying. However, how can you keep your valuables safe from prying hands without one?

Recently, I heard about the underwear with pockets from the Clever Travel Companion, and wanted to try them out. I was instantly interested in seeing how their pocketed underwear worked out as a substitute for a cumbersome money belt.

Since I got the Men’s Underwear with Pockets from Clever Travel Companion (There is also a women’s version), I’ve had several chances to try them out. Overall, I found them to be comfortable enough for daily use, and practical for travelers looking for a way to keep their valuables safe. Even loading up the pockets with a few credit cards and a bit of money, I found that they still retained their comfort, and I was rarely reminded that I had pockets in my underwear. Better yet, the pockets are completely hidden and don’t bulge, decreasing the odds that someone will ask, “Is that a passport in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” The pockets in the underwear do a great job hiding their contents.

I thought about putting a picture of me in the underwear here, but realized that no one wants to see that.

I thought about putting a picture of me in the underwear here, but realized that no one wants to see that.

This make them ideal for things like credit cards or spare cash that you are unlikely to need frequent access to. However, fidgeting with your drawers in public, and pulling wads of cash out of your underwear might cause a few stares and odd looks, so use discretion with what you put into your underwear’s pockets. You’ll likely need to find a private place to retrieve it.

Overall, I was really happy and excited about the underwear and don’t really have anything negative to say. It’s worth noting, however, that the underwear is made out of cotton, meaning that they don’t dry quickly, a potential issue for anyone who packs light and does their laundry in a sink (They do offer a pair that’s 95% rayon, which may solve this issue). They are also a bit on the long side, which is fine for those wearing pants or longer shorts, but don’t expect to wear them with your booty shorts, guys. You might get some odd looks.

The next time I’m traveling, I definitely think that I’ll take a pair of Clever Travel Companion’s Men’s underwear with secret pockets along with me. They are comfortable, practical, and a great option for keeping valuables safe.

Purchase the Men’s Underwear with Secret Pockets on Amazon

Purchase the Women’s Underwear with Secret Pockets on Amazon.

Editor’s note: A pair of the Men’s Underwear with Pockets was provided by Clever Travel Companion for the purpose of this review. The opinions in this review are as unbiased as possible. Clever Travel Companion was given no editorial say in the content of this review.

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