It seems that whenever you read information about what to pack on a trip to the topics, you always hear the suggestion to take at least one long-sleeve shirt. When I first heard this advice it struck me as crazy. After all, why would I want to wear even more clothes when it is so hot and humid outside.

Of course, the reason for the long-sleeves has much more to do with bugs than it does with comfort. I’m sure anyone who has experienced a bout of Malaria or Dengue Fever would certainly attest to the logic of this advice.

So, wanting to stay as disease free as possible, I set out to find a comfortable  long-sleeved shirt prior to my first adventure in the tropics. After much research, I found the perfect shirt: the ExOfficio Air Strip Lite Long-Sleeve Shirt

Awesome doesn’t do justice to this shirt. Not only does it look fantastic, but it feels great, and isn’t hot, even on the hottest of summer days. It also offers those traveling with only a small backpack or piece of carry-on luggage the ability to have a nice shirt to wear in the evening. While it certainly wouldn’t do for a visit with the Queen, it is certainly stylish enough for a night of clubbing or a night at a decent restaurant.

This shirt utilizes an 80/20, nylon/polyester mix and breathes very well. In fact, in even the lightest of breezes you may forget that you are even wearing a shirt. The mix of the shirt causes it to be incredibly wrinkle-resistant, quick drying, and moisture wicking. The shirt also has built-in UV protection and several strategically placed vents to help your skin breathe.

Another neat feature is the roll-up sleeve tabs, allowing you to neatly change the shirt into a short-sleeved shirt if necessary. Be warned though, if you do this, the cuffs will not breathe as well, and your arms may start to sweat, especially in the area directly under the cuff.

Overall though, I would highly recommend the ExOfficio Air Strip Lite Long-Sleeve Shirt. It comes in a variety of colors (‘Oyster’ featured above) and in all the standard sizes. It does however run a bit large, so you may want to order a size smaller than normal.

This shirt has quickly become a favorite of mine, and I have no doubt that you will quickly agree.