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May 29, 2013

Photo of the Week: Living in a Malaysian Paradise

As you make the trek to Asah Waterfall, you pass several small local villages, giving you a great feel for the island's culture.

Sitting off the eastern coast of Malaysia lies the island of Tioman. Unlike more popular islands such as Langkawi or the Perhentians, Tioman has managed to keep a relaxed and undeveloped feel, despite the increasing number of hotels and resorts on the island.

Located on the southern tip of the island sits the small town of Mukut. Accessible only by boat or jungle walking path, the tiny town is very remote. The few tourists that do manage to make it to this part of the island are likely headed for the secluded Asah Waterfall, the island’s largest, and a great place for a swim. However, since Mukut is located away from the main jetty, most fail to meander through this idyllic town.

My wife and I found our way here last year while staying at Bagus Place. After hiking for over an hour through the hot and steamy jungle, we arrived in town. With brightly painted buildings, a beautiful setting right on the beach, and the twin peaks of Tioman towering in the background, I think I found paradise in Malaysia.


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