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June 30, 2012

Photo of the Week: Macao’s Old City Square

Largo de Senado, the main square in Macao's old town.

Sitting in the center of Macao’s bustling old city is Largo de Senado, one of the most popular and photogenic spots in the city. Surrounded by the Senate building, a church, and the old post office, it is also the location of more recent shops including a Starbucks and Giordano clothing store. Fortunately, though, these more recent additions detract little from the square’s charm.

Macao (also spelled Macau) is a former Portuguese colony and was the first and last European territory in its part of the world. Because of this, there is a heavy Portuguese influence in the city’s old town. This is especially noticeable in the traditional Portuguese pavement that covers the square.┬áThe beautiful white and black tiles swirl through the square like waves in the ocean and make it easy to forget that you are not in a quaint European town square.

While it is often overlooked by many travelers to Hong Kong, Macao is a fantastic day trip from the city. Boats run every 15 minutes and through the night between the islands, and tickets cost less than $20 each way.

Macao has much to offer visitors to Hong Kong. For example, the UNESCO protected old town is as far from the skyscrapers of Hong Kong as you can get. Masterfully restored and maintained, the city’s architecture is a visual feast. With winding streets, beautiful churches, and titillating ruins, there is something for everyone to do during the day. Then at nightfall, there are also a plethora of casinos to help you increase your travel budget. Without a doubt, there are many things to do in Macau.

If you get the chance, definitely head to Macao for a day or two. It’s your chance to see a bit of Europe in Asia.


  1. Lisa

    Hi, I went to Macau for 2 days before spending a week in Hong Kong. I had never heard of the country before but once there I totally loved it. It was beautiful, relaxed and gave me a little bit of the western life I was beginning to miss. The ruins were lovely, the graveyard full of British and American service men was pretty cool, there was even a ‘Lewis Hamilton’. I got to see Pandas for the first time too in the panda pavilion which was an experience. Also stayed in the Hard Rock Hotel and got to see an amazing show ‘house of the dancing rain’. The casinos were fun to look around but I didn’t trust myself to gamble Incase I lost all my money lol and I’m not great at blackjack. So all in all I loved Macau! Def worth a visit

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