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December 16, 2011

Photo of the Week: Buddhist Monks Making Art

Buddhist monks make art from sand, one piece at a time, at the Lotus Lantern Festival in Seoul, South Korea.

In May of every year, Seoul hosts the Lotus Lantern Festival that celebrates Buddhism and coincides with the weekend prior to Buddha’s birthday. There is a fantastic parade and a festival through downtown Seoul.

One of the highlights of the festival is seeing Buddhist monks who have come from nearly every Asian country. Dressed in a variety of colored robes, these monks are keen to show off their individual talents. While some monks perform martial arts, I am always drawn more to the monks showing off their ability at sand art.

The intricacy is simply amazing. Each grain of sand is placed one by one using chopstick-like instruments. The beauty and detail of the images they produce is simply astounding.

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  1. Wally

    Having been to the Lantern Festival, I can say the work of the monks is truly fascinating and beautiful. As your picture shows this is extremely intricate work requiring the ultimate in patience to accomplish. I highly recommend this festival, not only for the sand art, but for the many colorful aspects of the festival including the extraordinary nighttime parade.

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