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June 26, 2013

Discuss: What’s Your Biggest Travel Regret?

Me eating lunch near the Teotihuacan Pyramids in 2003.

Every traveler has a regret, something that they wish they had done, or something they wish they hadn’t done, while they were on the road. So, for this week’s discussion, I want to know, what is your biggest travel regret?

For me, it’s not doing a semester abroad while I was in college. Back then, I was more concerned with spending time with my friends than traveling. As I discussed a few weeks ago, I did a short 3.5 week trip to Mexico during college, which was where I caught the travel bug. I loved every minute of the trip, even the required work while we were there. I came back feeling excited about exploring the world more, however, I never took the leap and spent a semester abroad.

As I look back now, at how easy it would have been to spend a few months in Europe, South America, or even Australia, I wish that I had had the courage to take the leap and study abroad. I have no doubt that it would have been an amazing experience.

So, just a quick word to those of you who are still in school: Study abroad!

What about you? What’s your biggest travel regret? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I somehow had enough sense to do a senedter in Bogotá, Colombia even though study abroad programs were much scarcer back in the day (1974). My regret is that I let myself be persuaded by my then college boyfriend to return home after the semester even though the directress of the program invited me to stay with her for the summer. (I married him a year later, and a year and a half after that, he decided he didn’t want to be married any longer. Moral of the story: Never change your plans fora man. At least not when you’re 20 years old. But, there’s s happy ending. After law school, I married the guy to whom I’ve been married for 31 years and he has a lot of travel opportunities related to his job as a medical researcher. Now I get to travel all over the world as a trailing spouse and reinvent myself as a travel blogger. My mother was right. It all worked out. )

  2. My biggest regret is not taking the time to see Uluru when I visited Australia a few years back. I was in the country for a couple of months but didn’t want to spend the money to make the trip inland–what a mistake!

    • I know that getting out to Uluru can be quite expensive, but it’s a shame you didn’t make it there. I hope to go to Australia some day, and it’s definitely on the list of places to visit.

  3. Not resigning from WCOM during the merger with MCI…selling all my stock and taking a year off to travel around the world. One of the biggest mistakes of my life…

  4. Bali. Simple as that.

    Never met a place I’ve despised more than that island during four years of traveling and the 18 countries I’ve covered thus far… It may be okay for a romantic couples getaway if they like doing “the resort thing” but all backpackers and true travelers should avoid that place like the plague.

  5. Not taking a gap year to travel before university. I only really traveled (as in – not counting mexico for spring break) in my final year of university and I learned so much about myself. I can’t help but wonder if I would have come into my own faster if I had traveled sooner.

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