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October 16, 2013

Discuss: What’s Your Guilty Pleasure When Traveling?

The view from my hotel room on St. Thomas, USVI.

Even the most budget conscious traveler has to splurge a bit everyone once in a while. So, my discussion question for this week asks: what’s your guilt pleasure when traveling?

For me, while I enjoy a nice meal or shopping for souvenirs, my ultimate guilty travel pleasure is a nice hotel room. While I enjoy staying in hostels, and will often stay in cheap hotels to save money, it’s relaxing to stay in a nice hotel room every once in a while.

That’s not to say that I do it often, as I usually make my lodging decisions based on prices (as an example, 7 nights in a hostel for the price of 1 night in a Toronto hotel). However, when I do bite the bullet and stay somewhere nice, I always really enjoy it.

Take for example, my time in Moscow. Booking a hostel for two people was going to cost around $100. Instead, we stayed in the very nice Moscow Hilton for around $150 a night. That’s a mark up I can deal with!

Housed in a beautiful Soviet-era skyscraper, the Hilton was a fantastic place to stay, though after four straight nights on a train, anywhere would have seemed nice. In my opinion, having a nice bed and a tv was a great way to unwind after months on the road.

What about you? Is it a fancy local meal, food from your home country, a nice hotel room, or something else entirely? Scroll down to the comment section below, and let me know what your favorite guilty pleasure is when you travel.


  1. I really can’t resist a good meal once in a while. Whilst I’m pretty good at travelling on a tight budget, I’m often willing to skimp on an attraction, preferring to view the museum from the outside, for example, and then spend the evening indulging in the culinary offerings of the place I’m visiting instead.

  2. Luis Jose

    I’m used to travel on low budget and I do pretty good… but as you … I really do effort on always getting a good place to sleep & take a good hot bath… then I don’t mind walking 45min to get to the metro station, skipping tickets for mainstream attractions and stuff… oh … another one… tickets for a football game 😛

  3. Helen

    My guilty pleasure is alcohol. I can’t even feel that guilty about it. As soon as I land in a new place I have to try the local tipple, whether it’s beer, wine or spirits. I love a drink or two and enjoy finding new brands.

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