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April 26, 2013

Discuss: What’s at the Bottom of Your Travel Bucket List?

Last week, I let you know what was at the top of my travel bucket list: Petra in Jordan. However, just like everyone has something at the top of their bucket list, we all have somewhere that we don’t want to visit.

So, for this week’s discussion topic, let’s discuss what’s at the bottom of your travel bucket list. What’s that one place that, for whatever reason, you have no desire want to see?

For me, it’s India. Why? I don’t really know. After all, I love crazy places. I love inexpensive places. Heck, I don’t even mind dirty places. However, visiting India holds absolutely no appeal for me.

That’s not to say that I’ve never heard good things about the country. Everyone I’ve ever talked to or read about who’s visited the country has raved about how wonderful it is. The stories and the pictures truly showcase beauty among chaos. However, even with all that being said, India is at the bottom of my travel bucket list.

What about you? What’s the one place that you have no desire to visit? What’s at the bottom of your travel bucket list?


  1. For some reason I have no desire to head off to Russia. No idea why. Just no desire at all. Maybe sometime can convince me!

  2. Any Beach Holiday – can’t do beach. Don’t exist in my vocabulary.

    • I definitely agree to an extent. I like visiting the ocean, but I don’t care much for beaches. One day relaxing on a balcony overlooking the sea is enough for me.

  3. Beaches for sure, anything Cuban (except restaurants but including South Florida) and most of the Caribbean. Though perhaps Jamaica and Trinidad (and St. Lucia?) are on the list if only for having spicy dishes in their respective cuisines.

    Oh, and Massachusetts. Enjoyed the Oceanspray and Cape Cod potato chip tours, but that state brings me no joy.

    • Cuba, really? Just goes to show that people have different tastes. Cuba is definitely near the top of my bucket list, but to each his own, I suppose.

      Thanks for the comment.

  4. Jennifer

    Bottom of my bucket list of places to visit would probably be Saudi Arabia. I just can’t abide their stance on women and equality

  5. Jennifer

    OH, by the way, I do agree with you about India! I feel the same way. However, I am somewhat intrigued just because, as you, I have so many friends who rave about it. One thing to say, though, is that they always rave about how great it was on their first trip. But, when they go back, they really do not like it at all. I wonder why…

  6. Hmmm, I don’t have a bucket list, nor a place I would least like to visit – I am open to everywhere and all experiences!

    I have actually just been to India, and have just started blogging about my travels – you might be surprised at the diversity of the place – I certainly was! Certainly a love/hate place to visit, especially as a woman.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’ll have to check out your posts. Like I said, I’ve heard great things from many friends who’ve been to India, for some reason though, it just has no appeal for me.

  7. I’m going to have to go with Heaven…I would eventually like to see it…but it’s definitely at the bottom of my list of things to do:)

  8. I’d have to echo a couple of other commenters and say either Russia or Saudi Arabia/Iraq/Afghanistan. I’m sure every place on Earth has something to offer its visitors, but I’d have to check off a lot of destinations before I’d get to those areas.

  9. Funny, but I think India is also at the bottom of mine! I would love to see the Taj Mahal and experience a night of Bolleywood….but as adventurous as I am, I just feel that maybe India is not for me! I know I would be enamoured by the country if I had the chance to go..but that hesitation means I will visit so many other places first!

  10. The country at the bottom of my bucket list is Bangladesh. I just do not like anything about that country. I guess it stems from my layover experience at the Dhaka airport last year. I have never seen an airport that was so mismanaged. I got turned off from ever visiting Bangladesh right there and then.

  11. jonny

    There are very few places that I wouldn’t like to visit, but the one place that normally makes other people’s bucket lists that doesn’t feature anywhere on mine is Australia. I’m sure I’ll go one day, but for now I don’t see why I would pay so much money to cross the world to go there. Plus, it’s so bloody expensive! Again, I’m sure I would enjoy it there, but I feel the money would be better spent in Asia or South America for me! Same goes for New Zealand.

  12. You pose a challenging question, because the place that is low on my list is one I’ve already been to twice. Paris, France. UGH. I am just not a fan. Never need to go back there again.

    Low on my list would probably be Korea and China. Odd because I love tea – and I would love to see tea country in China, but I think the politics turn me off.

    Greenland is low on the list, too.

  13. USA and Australia for me. I like the adventure of going somewhere with a different language and culture. I will visit the US and Australia someday, but not until I’ve been to all of the exotic places I want to visit first.

    I would like to visit Canada and New Zealand though. I can’t explain it, but they appeal to me far more than the US and Australia do.

    • I definitely know what you mean about visiting countries with a different language and culture. While the US has a ton of great things to see, I often go to another culture than explore America.

  14. India is also at the bottom of my bucket list as well. It is one of those countries that I feel like I should visit, but I would gladly go to several other places before going there. I think it is because it sounds like travel there is a frustrating experience from the reports I have received from people who have been, although the resounding message is that they are glad they went (the implied message, however, being that they would not want to go back). Still, it’s a country that I want to want to visit, but I’m just not inspired to do so at this point.

    • Jeff, I think that’s a great way to putting it. It’s not so much that I don’t want to go to India, but with so many wonderful places around the world to see, I can’t picture myself visiting anytime soon.

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