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August 28, 2013

Discuss: What’s the Best Part of Travel Planning?

Planning ahead can keep you from missing something awesome.

I’ve made it no secret on this site that I’m a big fan of travel planning (Shameless plug: I even offer a Travel Planning Service). For me, it’s one of my favorite parts of going on a trip.

Currently, I’m in the process of planning a 3-week trip to the Pacific Northwest that starts next week. While planning the trip, I started thinking about why I love travel planning. What is my favorite part of the planning experience?

As I’ve talked with other bloggers and friends who live or have traveled through the region, I’ve uncovered some great places to visit. I’ve also spent time looking at a variety of travel blogs, tourism sites for the destinations, and Wikitravel.

What makes me happiest about travel planning, though, is when I find a secret gem. There’s nothing more exciting than rolling up to a place that most locals don’t know about, has rarely been written about by other travel writers, and isn’t in any guidebook.

Of course, in this day and age, those sites are becoming less and less common, but it’s still fantastic when it happens.

So, what about you? What’s your favorite part of planning travel? Do you like thinking about your upcoming trip, getting a great deal on flights, finding a hidden gem, or something else entirely? Let me know in the comments section below.


  1. Charles McCool

    I love it when a relatively complicated trip scenario comes together, especially when I discover fantastic cost savings.

    For instance, I remember saving hundreds of dollars by flying a day early to Key West and renting a car there, compared to renting in Miami. I was still able to return car to Miami at the end of the trip. I love discovering anomalies in the travel supplier’s computer systems.

  2. I still love tripadvisor have been using it for years, trawling through all the forums I find hidden gems. I always look people who have a few posts so know they are not scammers.

  3. Travel planning pays off whenever you see the mass of sheeple head the same direction to experience the same thing. It’s a great feeling confidently going your own way.

  4. I generally drive myself crazy deciding between places to go…but once I finally do I use a number of resources both on the web & in print to find what to do,see, eat, drink etc while at the same time stumbling on to places. I then post what I find on my blog (shameless plug:), on FB, Twitter, Tripadvisor, & Gogobot(2013 Pro) and interact with fellow bloggers like the Tripologist

  5. Pat

    I love putting together itineraries. I know some people like to travel by the seat of their pants and see where the road takes them, but there’s something about having your trip mapped out and knowing what to look forward to when that I find immensely satisfying.

  6. Dante Harker

    I just love that excited feeling you get when you know that you’re going to go somewhere amazing!

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