Learning to Cook in Georgetown, Malaysia’s Foodie Capital

The finished products: banana pancakes, fish curry, and chicken cutlets.

When you think of great food destinations in Asia, what cities come to mind? Bangkok? Hong Kong? Maybe Tokyo? What about Georgetown, Malaysia? Sitting on the island of Penang off the northwestern coast of Malaysia, Georgetown is a former British colony that is becoming one of the hottest culinary destinations in the world. Named in … Read more

Photo of the Week: Traditional Fisherman at the 2011 Daegaya Experience Festival

Fisherman show the traditional Daegaya way to catch fish at the 2011 Daegaya Experience Festival in Goryeong, South Korea.

Last April, I had the chance to attend the 2011 Daegaya Experience Festival in Goryeong, South Korea. The festival was held in a beautiful park, surrounded by mountains, and was a great way to learn about the ancient culture of Daegaya. Daegaya was a city-state that existed for around 500 years until they were defeated … Read more

6 Months of Travel: Tripologist Goes on the Road

Our rough travel itinerary is marked by the red line.

I’ve got some exciting news that I’ve been itching to share for a while, and have mentioned several times on Twitter if you have been paying close enough attention: I’m taking the plunge into long-term travel! Having lived and worked in South Korea for the past two years, my wife and I are ready to … Read more