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Christmas Lights in Seoul, South Korea

Travel Quiz of the Month: Christmas Around the World

Without a doubt, Christmas is my favorite season on the year. And, while I may hate the cold weather, I absolutely love everything else about the holiday season. From a travel perspective, I find the different Christmas traditi...
by Jim Cheney

The entrance to Glacier National Park.

Travel Quiz of the Month: US National Parks

Recently, I had a chance to visit two of the most beautiful national parks in America: Mt. Rainier National Park and Glacier National Park. While visiting them, it made me think about the National Park System in the US. While w...
by Jim Cheney


Independence Hall in Philadelphia is the birthplace of America and free to visit.

Travel Quiz of the Month: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the most diverse states in all of America. From bustling cities to farmers who still live their lives much the same way they did 200 years ago, there’s something for everyone in the state. Yesterday...
by Jim Cheney


Travel Quiz of the Month: Explorers

While many of the world’s most famous explorers are controversial figures, it’s impossible to argue the effect they’ve had on the world. From ancient Chinese explorers that may or may not have beaten Columbus ...
by Jim Cheney


Water crashing over the edge of Niagara Falls near the Visitors Center in Canada.

Travel Quiz of the Week: Canada

Since I spent the last week north of the border in Toronto, Canada, I thought that the country would make a great topic for this week’s travel quiz. Do you know which city is the capital of Canada? What about the length o...
by Jim Cheney


Travel Quiz of the Week: Air Travel

For most people traveling internationally, air travel is a necessary evil. What was once a luxurious experience is becoming more frustrating by the day. However, we can’t deny the impact that air travel has had on our liv...
by Jim Cheney