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A row of Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an, China.

Discuss: What Destination Disappointed You the Most?

Last week’s discussion focused on the question, “What Destination Lived Up to the Hype?” And, while many destinations are as amazing as advertised, some aren’t. Unfortunately, when you hear a lot about a...
by Jim Cheney

Jim Cheney, the Tripologist, and his wife hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge in southwestern China.

Discuss: Is There a Difference Between Travelers and Tourists?

In his novel, The Sheltering Sky, author Paul Bowles wrote, ÔÇťAnother important difference between tourist and traveler is that the former accepts his own civilization without question; not so the traveler, who compares it wit...
by Jim Cheney



Discuss: Why Do You Travel?

If you’re reading this site, there’s a pretty good chance that you love to travel? Maybe you travel during your 2-weeks vacation from your job in America or maybe you are one of the lucky few who have found a way to...
by Jim Cheney

The area around Yangshuo, China, is perfect for a bike ride.

Discuss: How Do You Get to Know a Destination?

It seems that more and more travelers are looking beyond the glimmering tourist attractions of their destinations and are trying to uncover the heart of where they’re visiting. So, for this week’s discussion questio...
by Jim Cheney


The Eiffel Tower in Paris. Travel Discussion: Do you ever return to a destination?

Discuss: Do You Ever Return to a Destination?

There are a ton of fantastic destinations all over the world, and you could easily spend your life exploring just one continent and still not see everything there is to see. However, most travelers like a bit of variety and try...
by Jim Cheney

Planning ahead can keep you from missing something awesome.

Discuss: What’s the Best Part of Travel Planning?

I’ve made it no secret on this site that I’m a big fan of travel planning (Shameless plug: I even offer a Travel Planning Service). For me, it’s one of my favorite parts of going on a trip. Currently, I’...
by Jim Cheney