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The Jinshanling Great Wall of China stretches off into the distance.

Finding Peacefulness on the Great Wall of China

If I could only use one word to describe the Great Wall of China, what word would I choose? Maybe I’d pick something like majestic, beautiful, or awesome. After all, there is nothing else like the Great Wall of China. But...
by Jim Cheney

An assortment of street food in Shenzhen, China.

Travel Quiz of the Month: Odd Delicacies Around the World

If you travel long enough, you’re likely to encounter at least one local delicacy that makes your stomach turn. Sometimes it’s an animal that isn’t normally eaten or how to food is prepared, but some foods jus...
by Jim Cheney



5 More Hidden Travel Expenses and How to Minimize Them

Nearly two years ago, I wrote one my most popular articles to date: 7 Hidden Travel Expenses and How to Minimize Them. Since then, I’ve traveled ┬ámore and learned a lot about some of the hidden costs of travel. So, I dec...
by Jim Cheney