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Independence Hall in Philadelphia is the birthplace of America and free to visit.

Travel Quiz of the Month: Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the most diverse states in all of America. From bustling cities to farmers who still live their lives much the same way they did 200 years ago, there’s something for everyone in the state. Yesterday...
by Jim Cheney

How to ruin your travels

How to Ruin Your Travels in 5 Easy Steps

When most people leave on a trip, they expect to have a great time. However, it’s easier than most people realize to ruin your vacation. It’s so easy, in fact, that I’ve presented you with five easy steps to r...
by Jim Cheney



5 Tips for Surviving a Night Train

When I went to Europe in the summer of 2006, one of my biggest apprehensions was about the night trains. Having planned to take several over the course of my 6.5 weeks on the continent, I was nervous about what to expect, and h...
by Jim Cheney