Is UNESCO Ruining Our World Heritage?

Tourists Crowd the entrance to the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

The Temples of Angkor just outside of Siem Reap, Cambodia, are some of the most imposing temples in the world. Standing against a jungle backdrop, the movie-set perfection of the temples brings to life old world mysticism. For many, myself included, the visit to Angkor was dampened by the hordes of other tourists and buses … Read more

Taking the Ferry Between Russia and Turkey: An Instruction Manual

The slow ferry that runs between Trabzon, Turkey, and Sochi, Russia.

Russia and Turkey are two of the most popular countries on traveler’s wish list. And let me tell you, from visiting both countries, they are amazing. I highly recommend visiting both countries on your next trip. Unfortunately, many don’t consider including both on the same trip because they don’t share an obvious border with each … Read more

Learning to Cook in Georgetown, Malaysia’s Foodie Capital

The finished products: banana pancakes, fish curry, and chicken cutlets.

When you think of great food destinations in Asia, what cities come to mind? Bangkok? Hong Kong? Maybe Tokyo? What about Georgetown, Malaysia? Sitting on the island of Penang off the northwestern coast of Malaysia, Georgetown is a former British colony that is becoming one of the hottest culinary destinations in the world. Named in … Read more

Tiger Leaping Gorge: China’s Most Breathtaking Hike

The View of Tiger Leaping Gorge from the Hiking Trail, Yunnan Province, China.

Sitting just outside the town of Lijiang, in China’s southwestern corner, is Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. On one side of the mountain is one of the region’s most popular destinations, Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area, one of China’s AAAAA-classified scenic areas. On the other side of the mountain is another one of the area’s popular … Read more